Widecombe PRIMARY SCHOOL play script



Written by pupils at Widecombe Primary School working with MED Theatre (2004)


















Scene 1: The Village


NARRATOR:   The year is 1349, the place Hound Tor Village. Children are going about their daily work.


In Alison, Kate, Simon, Tamsin, Sarah and Julia


SARAH:                  It’s our turn to pasture the goats and sheep today!


Kate is skipping


ALISON:                  Can I have a go Kate, pleeeease? (begging)


SIMON:                Kate, give her a go. Alison stop begging, Sarah cut out the complaining. Would you rather be carrying water?


SARAH:                  (Blah, blah, blah with her hands)


SARAH & JULIA: We’re gonna get ya. (Chasing Alison)


SIMON:                 Cut it out.


They ignore him


TAMSIN:         Listen to Simon.


SARAH & JULIA: Tamsin loves Simon!


SIMON:       Let’s go then. Look here are water carrying party.


Out all


In Lizzie, Martha, Ruth, Thomas carrying a water jug


LIZZIE:              Ouch, this dry grass is really prickly. (Tiptoeing)


MARTHA:      Hurry up, Lizzie.


RUTH:            We’ll be lucky to get a drop of water soon, since no clouds have crossed the sky for weeks, let alone grey ones.


MARTHA:      The spring never gives up.


THOMAS:      Rain! I felt it, really I did.


Holds out his hands


MARTHA:      That’s the eleventh time you’ve said that today.


RUTH:     Your turn to carry the bucket, Lizzie.


LIZZIE:             Why me,. I always have to.


MARTHA:     Stop complaining, I did it yesterday.


Out all



Scene 2: The Tor


In Alice and Kieran


ALICE: It’s beautiful – summer I mean.


KIERAN: Yes, the heather is nice.


ALICE: It looks lovely at night when there’s a full moon, Kieran.


KIERAN: Yeah, really beautiful.


ALICE: Yeah.


KIERAN: Alice… I really like spending time with you. Not that I fancy you, but…


ALICE: Yeah, some kids are so stupid. ‘Cause girls can be best mates with boys too.


They sit in silence


KIERAN:    It’s not fair.


ALICE:        (Surprised) What?


KIERAN:     One of my pigeons is ill, she’s my best. I called her Alice.


ALICE:       (Blushing) I’m learning healing; maybe soon I’ll be able to cure her.


KIERAN: Yeah. (Moves closer)


A Figure glides across behind


ALICE:       (Jumps up suddenly) Who’s that?


KIERAN:    (Starts) Where?


ALICE: There, on the rocks.


In Julia, Sarah, Alison, Kate and Simon


JULIA: Hey, lovebirds, you seen our goats?


ALICE & KIERAN: Shut up!


ALICE: And no, we haven’t seen your goats.


ALISON & KATE: That is so annoying.


SIMON: Shut up, Alison You are getting on my nerves.


JULIA:         (Calling off) Tamsin, keep up.


In Tamsin 


TAMSIN:    (Giggling) Here, goaty, goaty, goaty!


SIMON:      Shall I come and look with you?


KIERAN:    (Quietly) There’s a pair of lovebirds, if I ever saw one.


ALICE: Anyway, who do you think that is?


She points


Figure glides across in the distance


JULIA: Dunno. Let’s go and have a look.


Out all



Scene 3: At the spring


In Lizzie, Ruth, Matha and Thomas carrying water jugs


THOMAS:  Are we nearly there?




They see the well and rush to it.


In Messenger


MESSENGER:  There is a plague travelling through the land. The village of Ilsington is already in danger of being wiped out.


Out Messenger


THOMAS:  Oh no, what are we going to do?


LIZZIE: Let’s go and inform the adults.


MARTHA: But what if they’ve caught the plague?


RUTH: Let’s get the water and go.


LIZZIE: Forget about it, we don’t need it.!


THOMAS: Why should we always listen to you?


MARTHA:  Yeah, just let Ruth get the water.


Out all



Scene 5: The Moor


In Figure


NARRATORThe September mist swirls around

         Settling gently on the ground.

         From the mist a figure appears.

         His eyes sunken, full of tears.


Suddenly his blood runs cold.

        His face turns from young to old.

        Herbs from his pocket are revealed.

        He wishes longingly that he could be healed.


Only the tors pierce the sky.

        Crows of death fly by.

        Still as a rock the figure stands.

        Blood dripping from his hands.



Out Figure



Scene 4: The Village


In Messenger. He falls dead


In Tamsin and Simon


SIMON: (Looking vigorously for his sheep) Where are my sheep? Where are they? (Seeing the messenger) Oh…


They bend over him


TAMSIN:    He’s dead. The plague has got him.


NARRATOR: Suddenly a mist like winter lurked over the gloomy village.


TAMSIN:  I’m scared.


In Lizzie, Martha, Ruth and Thomas clambering over the rocks to meet them.


THOMAS: We found a house full of dead adults. We were so scared we rushed here.


SIMON:         Leave the messenger under the bush,. We’ll see to him later.


In Alice and Kieran stumbling over the bracken


KIERAN: (Frightened) There is no one in the village – the adults have gone.


TAMSIN:    Maybe they have left because of the plague.


MARTHA: We shouldn’t have touched the messenger. He could have been infected


KIERAN: Let’s have a look.


He goes out to look


TAMSIN: Come on guys, enough worrying. Let’s settle down in the bracken. It will all be alright.


In Kieran. They settle for the night on the ground


NARRATOR:  Time soon passed. The morning came. Everyone woke up with an utter start.


They wake


SIMON: Everyone check themselves for bruises and any sign of the plague.


THOMAS: Let’s get going, so the plague doesn’t catch up with us.


MARTHA:   I agree, we need to find some adults.


All out


NARRATOR:  Only the crumpled bracken lay on the ground..



Scene 6: The Fair



In Sarah, Julia, Alice, Thomas.


In somewhere else a tall figure


THOMAS:  Look at the pretty colourful flags. I love fairs.


ALICE: They are not flags, they’re banners. Thomas, hold my hand. Sarah and Julia, stay near, or we’ll get lost in the crowd.


They wander among crowds


JULIA: Look at the…(toppling over)


SARAH:         Fudge stall.


Sarah and Julia are dribbling


ALICE: Snap out of  it, you two. I need to get some herbs. Over there!


Walks over to where a tall figure stands behind a stall


JULIA & SARAH: Who’s he? (Muttering and eyeing him up)


THOMAS: (Stepping forward) Eo!

FIGURE:  Excuse me. (Looking down)

ALICE:  Sorry sir, please may I buy some lavender and chives, rosemary too.


FIGURE:  I presume these are to ward off the plague.


ALICE:   Yes.


FIGURE:  You do realise the plague is impossible to avoid.


ALICE:         (Pointing at the younger ones and handing over one penny) I would prefer you not to say that.


SARAH:         What are you talking about? (Poking Alice)


JULIA: Why can’t you talk to us about things any more, you’re being so secretive.


Alice sighs and puts her face in her hands. She looks back at the figure and he is gone. They all look at each other, puzzled.


Out all



Scene 7: Hound Tor Village


In Lizzie, Simon, Kieran, Alison, Martha, Ruth


LIZZIE: Here are we again.


SIMON: Yeah, back in the deserted village.


KIERAN: Uhhhhh!


MARTHA: What’s wrong with Kieran. Have you got the plague?


KIERAN:  I don’t know. Uhhh!


LIZZIE: Don’t be silly. It hasn’t come this far.


TAMSIN: Ahh! I’m starving.


RUTH: Oh, stop thinking about yourself. Kieran could die and all you’re thinking about is food.


TAMSIN: Him dying. I’m dying of starvation here. 


RUTH: What should we do?


SIMON:      I think we should get help and then come back for him.


KIERAN:    Just go.


ALISON:         Goodbye Kieran.




MARTHA:     Will you be alright?


TAMSIN: Come on.


Out Tamsin, Simon, Alison, Ruth, Martha


Kieran is left lying on the ground




Scene 8: Hound Tor village, the same


Sarah, Julia, Alice and Thomas come stumbling through rocky paths back to the village.


ALICE: Kieran! Why are you lying here on your own? What’s the matter?


SARAH:         Where are the others?


KIERAN:  Gone.


JULIA: Why have they abandoned you?


KIERAN:    Don’t come close. I have caught the plague. I don’t want you guys to catch it.

ALICE: We can’t just leave you here. You’re our friend.


KIERAN:    If you’re a true friend, you would leave me here.


JULIA, SARAH, THOMAS: We are your true friends. We just don’t want you to die.


It begins to rain and everyone wipes off the rain


ALICE: My herbs. They could help. I am sure that would cure the plague.


THOMAS:  If your herbs could stop the plague, then I am as rich as a king.


ALICE: Fine then. You just go. Leave us here in the rain. I’ll make Kieran better. You wait and see.


Thomas, Sarah, Julia  stumble off into the distance

A storm breaks out

Figure glides across


Alice takes shelter beside Kieran