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MED Theatre & Dartmoor Resource

Dartmoor Resource has been put together by volunteers working alongside a professional team, under the umbrella of MED Theatre. The project involved five courses –  in website skills, research methods, animation, publishing and photography, and marketing. These were held in various locations around Dartmoor over a period of six months between October 2008 and April 2009, and gave the participants the necessary skills to work on researching, creating and publicising the website and its accompanying booklet. At the same time an education outreach programme delivered community myth-making workshops in Belstone and Moretonhampstead, and courses of six myth-making sessions in Chagford and Okehampton Primary Schools, including written, shadow-puppet and animation work. 

Dartmoor Resource has been funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Dartmoor National Park. MED Theatre staff costs were supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

our website

The website is designed to be an interactive platform. Research for it and creative response to the research is intended to be ongoing. Anyone who feels they can add something on an appropriate topic can submit an article by emailing info@medtheatre.co.uk. Schools that MED Theatre works with will have the opportunity to display their Dartmoor-inspired work on the site.

Our Volunteers

Allison Wicker

Anna Lilley

Brian Somers

Claire Hyne

Daisy Martinez

Fiona Avis

Graham Thomson

Janet Coopey

Jess Avis

Julia O’Shaughnessy

Lucy Edmonds

Marion Creasy

Max Quick

Nicola Oakey

Olivia Young

Rosalyn Maynard

Sarah Ashford Hart

Mark Woolner

Staff on the original build of Dartmoor Resource

Website skills - Tony Walker

Research - Tom Greeves

Animation - Sarah Vincent, Tanya Morrel

Publishing and photography - Wendy Brooking

Marketing and publicity - Jackie Waddle, Iona Gibbons

Education - Clare Saunders, Abby Stobart

Model work - Sarah John

Website supervisor - Matt Barrow

Project supervisor - Mark Beeson

Contributing Primary Schools on the original build

Chagford, Okehampton

Shadow puppet work supported by Dartmoor National Park Principal Education and Arts Officer, Willem Montagne


The Dartmoor Resource booklet has been assembled and produced by Allison Wicker,
Julia O’Shaughnessy and Wendy Brooking


Special thanks for work, ideas and support which contributed to the project at different stages:  Carly Mays, Peter Vanderford, Li Ting, Sharon Holley, Sarah Boothby, Rae Hoole, Richard Knights, Mark Osborne, Ruth Lewis, Myfanwy Cook,  Finnan and Jessica Rodinson, Orlando Rutter, Deborah Phillpott, Helen Day


MED Theatre’s education programme is supported by an investment from Futurebuilders England, and its Dartmoor Elements project, of which Dartmoor Resource forms a part, is supported by grants from Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.

contact us

If you are interested in the ideas of MED Theatre, and would like to find out more, please email us:

Artistic DirectorMark Beeson

Education ManagerAbby Stobart

email: info@medtheatre.co.uk

01647 441356

If you are interested in helping MED Theatre’s work with education and the community, but are not in a position to volunteer, you might like to consider making a donation  

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