Truth or Dare

In the year 1750 some children where playing truth or dare. A girl called Imogen was dared to go into the spooky deserted house on her own.

Suddenly, as Imogen stood up to go into the house dark clouds rolled over and the sky became as dark as night.

Imogen entered the house and had been dared to climb the stairs and then come back down again.

As she slowly and silently climbed the stairs so as not to disturbed anyone thunder and lightning broke out above the house and only above this house.

A lightning bolt came straight though the house and struck Imogen in the face, and Imogen died instantly.

However, now inside the house when there is thunder and lightning you can see a ghost of a girl looking out of the window, with tears of blood streaming down her cheeks. And always on the table in the kitchen there can be found a jug of blood that she drinks from.

Who knows how long she will have to stay there and whose blood it is inside the jug?