The Maze

Two explorers, a sister and brother, Isabelle aged 15 and Joe aged 9, are exploring when they find a maze.

They discover that there is gold at the centre of the maze, and they argue over who will keep the gold when they find it.

They decide to split up and enter the maze at different parts – whoever reaches the gold in the centre first will get to keep it for ever.

During their journeys through the maze they come across a number of scary things – quicksand and a scary monkey are but a few – put in their way to try and deter them from getting to their goal.

Isabelle and Joe get to the centre at exactly the same time, and they both see the gold. They decide that they will help each other take it out of the maze and then divide it between them.

Unfortunately for Joe and Isabelle they can never find their way out of the maze and are left forever inside trying to find their way out.

This event happened on 31st October 1999, and if you go to the maze now on Halloween you can hear the brother and sister arguing.