Unlucky 13

In the year 101 the first Two Hills race took place. A boy named Harry and his friend James decided to enter. Harry gets dressed and meets James at the start line. ‘I bet five pounds. If you win the race you get it, if I win the race I get it’ said James. ‘Sure, but no cheating mind you’ agreed Harry.

Suddenly the whistle blew and everyone raced away. James ran to the left, Harry ran to the right. Harry ran, and ran and ran. Suddenly he came across some wooden mushrooms. He could not stop he just jumped over them. Unfortunately for him those mushrooms were cursed. The mushrooms danced in glee. Harry ran on and on and on and on and on. Then he found a big gaping crack in the earth. He ran through it but the crack closed behind him. He dashed for daylight but ran straight into a bog. Something pulled Harry under and a Devil flew out. ‘Ha ha ha’ the devil laughed. The devil had escaped the bog, but now Harry had become the devil, doomed to stay in the bog until he can find someone to replace him.

And this happens every year.