Blood Fountain

Once upon a time lived a young girl named Erin. She was walking one day when she found a blood fountain.

She thought it was wine and started to bathe.

Meanwhile a giant (who owned the blood fountain) was watching her bathe, he called for his loyal companion, Death.

Death came to the giant and the giant said “I see a young girl called Erin bathing, you know what to do.”

The giant gave him a sword and Death set off.

He came to the fountain and stabbed Erin and she was now Blood Erin.

“Go to the giant” Death said. Erin replied “OK”.

“Follow the rabbit” said Death, so she followed a rabbit to a cave where she met the giant.

The giant said “Your friend the priest has been bathing in the fountain, you have to kill him.”

So Erin set off to the fountain where she saw the priest. She stabbed him and a black hole came and swept them all up.

And the only thing that was left was the fountain, the proof that the myth is real.