3 Horrors and a Bedtime Story

One cold, misty mid -winter’s eve there was a brother named Jasper who was 13, and his sister was Sally who was 10.

As you might know 13 is an extremely unlucky number so if you are 13 you might as well be on alert and hope your 14th birthday will come sooner! So eat your supper after listening to this otherwise it will end up on the floor! So let’s get on with the story.

“Come on slow coach” called Sally “We’ll never make it home if you just waddle about like a duck!” laughed Sally. Jasper suddenly had a burst of energy and sprinted to join his sister. “Sally where are you?” said Jasper. He was getting rather worried by now so he ran on. With his heart pounding and being under pressure of time he felt like everything was closing in on him, threatening him to his death. He felt like giving up, but just then he saw a hand disappear into the bog!

Terrified, he dived into the bog after his sister “I don’t understand” said Sally confused “…but how did this happen?” said Sally. “Well,we didn’t exactly do anything, did we ?”, said Jasper. Sally and Jasper found themselves not in a bog, but in a graveyard. They had gone through a special gateway into the forgotten graveyard that lived underneath the bog.

‘Where are we?” said Sally.

Ahhhhhh! A dog with red eyes had just bitten Sally on the leg. “Don’t do that to her!” shouted Jasper. A horse and a dead priest also with red eyes appeared.

“The only way to get out of this graveyard is for one of you to be a sacrifice. The other one left will then return to the real world.”

Sally and Jasper looked at one another, which one of them should they sacrifice? A hard decision – however Jasper felt a need to protect his younger sister so made the final choice that it should be him.

The priest jumped off the horse that he was placed on. The priest laid Jasper on a long stone with carvings on the side of it. As the priest lifted his knife Sally squealed, but it was too late, the knife had been plunged into his heart.

Sally found herself back in the real world on top of the bog, it was 22nd December 1913!!!!!!!!!