Atlantic Oak Woodland at Yarner forms the focus for MED Theatre’s young company’s latest film project, commissioned by Plantlife as a part of their ‘Building Resilience in South West Woodlands’ project, funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and partnered by Natural England (who provided free use of the Woodland Centre for our filming days).


The Wood is the story of three young people who love an Atlantic Oak Wood, and three members of a so-called documentary team in the hire of property developer Simone, who wants to drive a road through the Wood and make money from building a visitor centre there.


The sessile oak woodland at Yarner is rich in bryophytes and lichens, thanks to the damp Dartmoor climate fed by cloud blown in from the Atlantic. Young people from the area were taken on a guided walk by Rachel Jones of Plantlife in early April, and given advice from Albert Knott of Natural England, together with two of his volunteers, during filming in May.