School introduction

It’s Ford, my name is John Ford. I am a famous playwright who lived on Dartmoor in the seventeenth century. I am not used to this internet thing, books were much more the fashion in my day. However I see that some school students have been doing extraordinary work creating myths and stories about Dartmoor…


- Willow and the Beaver, a radio play recorded at Northlew, 2014

- The River Children, a radio play recorded at Hatherleigh, 2015

- The White Bird of the Oxenhams, a radio play recorded at Hatherleigh, 2017


Check out the menu to the left to FIND YOUR SCHOOL or see the great work that other schools near you have been doing. There aren't only written stories, but photographs, video, radio plays and animation created by the pupils themselves! This work can be seen by people all over the world, so your stories have become famous, but not as famous as mine!

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