Oral Tradition

1. Pixies Intro - Click HERE

A general introduction to the Dartmoor Pixie

2. Nanny Norris - Click HERE

The story of a kindly old woman's encounter with the pixies

3. Pixies continued - Click HERE

More real-life accounts of trouble caused by the pixies

4. Childe The Hunter - Click HERE

The story of a young man who perishes attempting to cross the moor and leaves a grand legacy.  Also includes additional background information


5. The Devil's Footprints - Intro - Click HERE

An unexplainable account of the Devil's footprints left on rooftops across the moor


6. The Devil at Widecombe - Click HERE

The mysterious story of an evil rider who, during a storm, appears at an inn on the moor and then terrorises the congregation of Widecombe Church


7. Lady Howard - Intro - Click HERE

Background information on the legendary historical figure

8. Lady Howard's Coach - Click HERE

The ghostly tale of Lady Howard, who haunts the moor in her coach by night

9. Lady Howard - continued - Click HERE

Thoughts on the significance of the story and how it became a legend